Preserve our Master Plan & Retain Rural Character
Why we think the Stadium is a BAD FIT for Summit
​Please see our Concerns page!
  1. Shoreland & Water Quality
    Shoreland & Water Quality
    Are we risking our water quality? There is rising evidence artificial turf material poses a health risk. Our wells draw from this highly sensitive groundwater area. Investigate!
  2. Traffic & Lighting
    Traffic & Lighting
    80' Lightpoles, (2X normal utility pole height)! 1200 Lighted Parking spaces (2X Fleet Farm). Cars carrying 3000+ on DR & Dousman & other roads until 11:30 pm or later
  3. Announcer & Concert Noise
    Announcer & Concert Noise
    Sound is major issue. The Village denied INDOOR Wedding Barn at 74DB, but this is expected to be 94? Harley events prove sound carries & The Village has no noise ordinances
About Us
We all care about the stated goals of the Village of Summit in their Master Plan:

* Identify, protect, preserve and enhance ecologically sensitive areas, environmental corridors and open spaces
* Maintain the quality of surface and ground water, and minimize soil erosion
* Define and encourage rural character
* Encourage preservation and creation of cultural and historical resources

We moved here & live here because we value the Rural character, peace and quiet of this beautiful place. Our shorelands and nature are precious to us!  

The Village plan for the proposed Stadium site was for "low density" corporate offices or business park - ONLY to be developed on sewer & water.  An outdoor event venue is not a permitted use. 

This is NOT a Community Ballpark - this is a Profit-driven private venture. Their business plan is to charge for use of the Venue & their target customers are NOT Village residents!  Become informed!

 Read the Fact Sheet & Recent Enterprise articles!

Download Fact Sheet
Enterprise Article 

Nov 14 - Village Board - 6:30pm - AGENDA ITEM regarding Sewer & Water with Oncomomowoc!!!

Nov 21 - Plan Commission - 5:30pm - note the early start!
SAVE THIS DATE - the Stadium proposal may be heard!

Write to the Village Plan Commissioners & Board of Trustees: 
Jack Riley -
Curly Wentland -
Sandy Casterline -
Jim Petronovich -
Kraig Arenz Sr -
Jim Siepman - Plan Chair -
Mike Donabauer -
Scott Piefer -
Ann Hasselkus -
Matthew Katz -
Jay Obenberger -
​Henry Elling, Village Planner -