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The Village of Summit Master Plan 2020, approved on November 3, 2011, states the Village Goals are to:

** Identify, protect, preserve and enhance ecologically sensitive areas, environmental corridors and open spaces
** Maintain the quality of surface and ground water, and minimize soil erosion
** Define and encourage rural character
** Encourage preservation and creation of cultural and historical resources

The Stadium is proposed for the area in the Master Plan currently zoned Agricultural and lies within the Shoreland Jurisdiction. The Infiltration & Groundwater Contamination of the ENTIRE AREA is considered VERY HIGH per the Village Master Plan!

The Master plan future use of this area is Industrial/Business Park which is defined in Village Ordinance 111-355 as "light to medium intensity business uses such as corporate office facilities, light manufacturing and warehousing with no outdoor storage permitted. The village will allow development in this classification only upon connection to public sewer systems. If municipal water is available within 1,000 linear feet, then this must also be extended and included in the development"

The permitted uses under Business Park do NOT include Outdoor stadiums. Read the ordinances available on our Links page

Our goal is to prevent this Stadium proposal & to ensure the Village adheres to their current Goals and Plan. The Master Plan should not be amended to allow this use!
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What is Summit?

Rural Character - ​Country Living

​Many bicyclists use Dousman - what will happen Game days?
Our Village Master Plan states:

The community integrates with neighboring areas like the Cities of Oconomowoc and Delafield, and Village of Dousman for its commercial retail needs, and strives to maintain its “lake
country” atmosphere. This approach to development, along with the numerous lakes and rivers in the area, brings together large land owners, business executives, water enthusiasts and tourists to create a vibrant community focused on outdoor, water-related activities.

Residents of Summit have immediate access to its sixteen named lakes and active recreation in all seasons for fishing, swimming and boating. The Village owns and maintains nearly 80 acres
of parkland and its residents and visitors recreate in and on another 1,677 acres of open water. Biking, hiking and snowmobile trails are connected to more expansive county and statewide trail systems.

County DR near the proposed Stadium - ​good thing there isn't a game!

THIS is Summit