Our Concerns
  1. 3000 + people
    3000 + people
    3000 seats isn't overall attendance. These events could double the population of Summit - most from outside our Village
    Doesn't benefit Village Residents
  2. Noise
    Sporting events & concerts are LOUD! see our link to studies! Who limits the number of games and concerts? Proposed concert closing times 11:30PM. The Village has no noise ordinances.
    Noise Pollution
  3. Traffic
    Diamond talks 36 night games - but they plan to hold as many events as they can sell. Event traffic will affect DR, Dousman and even Valley Road
    Major Congestion
  4. Groundwater Contamination
    Groundwater Contamination
    This entire area is designated as area of HIGH RISK for infiltration and Groundwater contamination by the Village & DNR. The artificial turf in particular is a huge concern.
    Protect our Lakes & Wells!
  5. Stadium Lights
    Stadium Lights
    Combine 80' Stadium Lights & 1200 lit Parking Spaces and it results in major light disturbances for residents. 80' is twice the height of the average utility pole!
    Light Pollution
  6. Turf Fields & Groundwater
    Turf Fields & Groundwater
    Reports links Turf fields to possible cancer & other health risks. Multiple states are considering bans. The area is at high risk for infiltration & groundwater contamination - a serious concern
    Risk for our Groundwater & Lakes?
  7. Not just BASEBALL & not FREE!
    Not just BASEBALL & not FREE!
    Diamond Club plans to hold concerts, festivals, markets, food trucks & other events - increasing uses beyond baseball. This is a PROFIT-driven venture only
    This is NOT a Community Ballpark
  8. Can Summit support this?
    Can Summit support this?
    Does the Village of Summit have the Police, Fire to support this from a safety and security standpoint?
    What about Police & Fire?
  9. Alcohol Sales
    Alcohol Sales
    Will Diamond offer "Bottomless Beverage Party Packages" like the Mallards offer? Who regulates once it's up & running?
    OWI & Security Concerns
  10. 1200 Space concrete
    1200 Space concrete
    An area ~ TWICE the size of the Fleet Farm parking lot is planned. This concrete & Artificial turf will result in much runoff - possibly jeopardizing Lake & Groundwater quality
    That's a lot of Concrete!
  11. How about our Roads?
    How about our Roads?
    It's not just traffic headaches, but what about the wear and tear on our Roads? How much of a burden will this place on our Village, and as a result, Summit taxpayers?
    More taxes ahead?
  12. What if it fails
    What if it fails
    If the venture fails, to what other purpose could this venue be put? Would the Village have to step in and purchase in order to attract another use?
    Could it end up a White Elephant?
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